Market-Based Financing and Investment Options

Loan Products

RTFC provides flexible loan and financial service products designed to match the business needs of our members. Whether it’s construction projects or working capital, RTFC is dedicated to offering competitive rates and superior service to our members.

Term Loans

With terms generally not exceeding nine years, RTFC’s term loans can be used for construction costs, to refinance debt with other lenders, as well as for acquisitions and other projects that meet feasibility requirements. 

Lines of Credit 

Lines of credit are designed to assist member telcos in meeting short-term cash needs and interim financing for RUS construction loans. These loans are administratively simple, with funds made available in a short period of time with no unused facility fee required.

Letters of Credit

Letters of credit provide credit assurance to a third party for the applicant's performance and/or payments under a contract or other obligation. The terms and conditions of letters of credit are established on a case-by-case basis to meet the needs of the applicant or beneificiary.

Investment Opportunities

While most of our members come to us for their borrowing needs, RTFC also offers investment options for its members who want to put their surplus cash to work by taking advantage of several investment products. Available to RTFC members through National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC), these opportunities are available for short- or long-term investing.

CFC Commercial Paper 

RTFC members and affiliates can earn interest on their temporary cash surpluses of $5,000 or more by investing in CFC Commercial Paper, an investment option with maturities ranging from one day to 270 days. 

CFC Daily Fund 

CFC’s Daily Fund offers RTFC members a flexible investment account, similar to a money market account, that allows telcos to invest and earn a return on short-term cash surpluses of at least $50,000 without committing to a specific maturity date. 

CFC Medium-Term Notes 

RTFC members and affiliates can earn interest on their general funds of $100,000 or more by investing in CFC Medium-Term Notes. These senior unsecured debt securities have maturities ranging from 10 to 24 months. 

CFC Select Notes 

RTFC members and affiliates can invest in Select Notes to take advantage of a higher interest rate of return than other CFC short-term investment products. Terms range from 30 to 270 days with a minimum investment of $100,000.

Start the Loan Process

For more information about these opportunities or to obtain a prospectus, please contact your RTFC account manager.

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